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With "Mind, Time and Power!" You'll Learn

You were born with the power to create your dreams and goals.

​The single most important thing to know about your mind.

How you can eliminate sources of pain from your past.

​​How to instantly raise your "success quotient".

How to adopt the "success habits" of the world's greatest inventors.

How to build an unstopable belief system.

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At the age of ten, I had what is normally called an "Out of body" experience, or a 'precognitive dream' in which I saw my future in advance. This kind of experience is normally considered to be some sort of rare 'psychic gift' which happens to only the very few. But it caused me to embark on a 20 year journey to find an explanation for it.

Over the years more and more of the events I "saw" in this dream came true. I spent over twenty years searching for a rational explanation of this dream. I always believed that what I experienced must be something natural and must be available to everyone.

Eventually I became aware that our understanding of how the mind works is completely wrong. It is based on out-moded concepts from the 17th century.

When we understand the mind with concepts from the 20th and 21st centuries we become aware that knowledge of the future is always available to us. In other words, we are all psychic!

However, most people don't notice these impressions because they are "under the surface" of our normal thinking and our false beliefs blind us to this information.

This book pulls back the blindfold. It reveals the amazing powers of your mind.... powers you were born with but have never been taught how to use.

Brain scientists have recently discovered that the model of consciousness presented in this book is valid.

Scientists are calling the frontal lobe of the brain a "time machine." They now realize that what we usually call "daydreaming" is actually a kind of memory which works in both the past and the future.

As we learn to pay attention to these seemingly random thoughts which are always flowing through our mind, we can tap into these ideas and discover a path to the future of our choice.

This new way of looking at the mind will allow you to make sense of your thinking in a way you have not realized before.

By learning to pay attention to your thoughts you will gain the power to create your dreams as physical realities in your life.

Don't wait another day. Get the audiobook of "Mind, Time and Power!" today.


TO CREATE more success

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First thing in the morning, take a few minutes to visualize your day in advance.

See yourself going through your day, feeling powerful.

See yourself accomplishing your goals, one by one.

Breathe in the confidence and power you have experienced in some of your favorite successes from the past.

Over time, this exercise will re-wire your brain so you FEEL differently, THINK differently and ACT differently, meaning you accomplish more of your dreams and goals.

Repeat this visualization exercise in the evening.

Keep a journal of the great ideas you receive.

Expect your feelings and your world to change.


My guarantee to you is that these new thought habits, when cultivated, will make a difference in your life. When you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 40 years. They have enabled me to contribute to my community, my family, and the world on a much larger scale than when I was struggling to make ends meet.


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AUTHOR anthony hamilton

Anthony Hamilton is a former professor of communication at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada. "Mind, Time and Power!" describes a new model of consciousness which is a paradigm shift as radical as when Galileo proved the earth moved around the sun.

This book is the result of thirty years of research into how our thoughts and feelings shape our lives.

How we think of memory is completely wrong.

Memory is NOT a recording of the past. Instead, it is a connection to the past... both the past that happened and a parallel past that did not.

The same connection works in the future. This means we have a connection to the future as well... both a future that will happen and a parallel future which will not.

Armed with this new model of consciousness, we realize we have the power to change our past, removing sources of pain and transforming them into sources of pleasure.

We have the power to experience the future of our choice, instead of settling for one we would rather avoid.

Anthony's passion is to awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their lives by employing cutting-edge mental tools.

We first design the optimal future we want to experience. Then we employ mental rehearsal and visualization techniques to step into this future in our imaginations as a full-blown inner sensory experience.

We then access information from this optimal future to design plans for creating it step by step.

Eventually we step into it physically – as a tangible reality in the present, enjoying it as the life of our choice.

Anthony coaches and trains people to reach higher levels of Personal Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Sales Success and Results Creation.

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What others have said about Anthony's training –

To your program must go the credit for pulling my knowledge together to form a comprehensive and manageable method of making my life more dynamic and successful.

David L., Lawyer and Writer

The key ingredient for me was how to put positive thinking to work, practically.

Barbara P., Sales – McLeod, Young, Weir

Health, wealth and prosperity are now in my realm of reality, and you have helped me find the answer.

Ruby S., Realtor – Park Georgia Realty

Anthony not only tells you what the correct attitude is, he tells you exactly how to develop it.

Harvey S., Sales Manager – Jimmy Pattison Group.

I sold a property for three times my previous record two weeks after you gave me the right affirmation and mind set.

Rosy H., Realtor - Royal LePage Real Estate

I am learning to dream my own personal dream, to imagine living in a tailor-made future, instead of one off the assembly line.

Esther N., Singer and Songwriter



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